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Bird Balloons

Here are some of the balloon sculptures I've been working on this year. I am obsessed with birds (Mostly British and European) and have been since I was a child. Each sculpture takes a couple of hours to make and then more time on top of that to photograph them in a fitting location.  I am passionately against careless discard of balloons (or any rubbish for that matter) and never ever leave these in the wild.  I use are Qualatex balloons made from natural latex, they are biodegradable and according to the manufacturers website, they break down as quickly as an Oak Leaf.  I still have all the deflated balloons used from the different projects, and intend on keeping them until I can think of something cool to do with them.  

Balloon Heads

I got the idea for the balloon heads watching the bird balloons deflate. I thought it would be cool to use the creases that form naturally on the balloon surface as the latex begins to degrade and lose its form.  I made heads and then photographed them over a period of weeks as they began to deflate. Some went quicker than others. 

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