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About me

My name is Terry. I am an artist that works predominantly with watercolour, but I also enjoying working with acrylics, inks, balloons, robotics, high voltage, and anything else I can get

my hands on! 

Please get in touch if you have a project you think I maybe interested in.

I paint whatever I like, but usually things relating to my hobbies and interests. I have also painted things relating to pop culture icons even though I have little interest in them, purely for the joy of painting!

I am very interested in animals and insects, the sciences (particularly high voltage physics stuff and biology), robotics, automatons, magic tricks, balloons and tinkering and experimentation general! 

If you have been referred to this site because you have heard about my magic trick development work, and would like to talk about previous projects or have a device in mind that you would like to have worked to a prototype, please contact me privately via the contact page .


Instagram: t_james_cook_

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